Monday, May 10, 2010

Myanmar Navy Ships

Anawyatha & Bayintnaung Class Missile Corvettes

Bayintnaung Class Corvette is upgrade with C-802 SSM
Anawyatha Missile Class Corvette in Myanmar Movie.

Before upgrade Corvettes is 2-Oto merala 76mm SP Canon


  1. I don't know when will our country upgrade our navy which is not competable among our neighbour countries. Now I heard that even Bangaladesh is buying two new Jaingwei 2 class frigates from china and their government is setting up plan for submarine base in near future. In a secretive country we cannot know how big is our navy and how does is modernised. I m really worry for our sea . We have such a big sea to protect but we don't have enough navy to protect it. Last year, when there was a confrontation between our navy and Bangaladesh navy we can only send 2 convettes but Bangaladesh send 3 frigates. Furthermore, we had prepared a very strong ground troops at the border but only weak navy when BD assembled 30 frigates, we can only assembled 12 frigates for that conflict. I 'm so worried for the nation because our navy cannot compete such a poorer country navy. I think our country should allocate the big budget for our navy modernisation program. Just worry...and worry...for the nation!

  2. I would like to add some facts, in the poor navy of our country, the poorest naval base is Danyawady Naval Base which is home of our Rakhine fleet. You can view it on google earth, just few kilometers east of KyaukPhyu. There is no facility which match with a naval base.
    In my opinion, Danyawady is the most important naval base due to current situation. We need strong Rakhine naval fleet in order to overwhelm Bay of Bengal.

  3. We love our country, our army, our people. And General Than Shwe, his wife, his daughter, his patner Tae Za, his grand son phoe la pyae(he will be president of our new country sooner or later).

  4. Thanks brother, these are really nice pictures. What is the difference between Anawyatha & Bayintnaung Class Missile Corvettes? Are they similar/sister ships?